Recent Projects

Below are just a few of the translation and proofreading projects that I have recently completed. From personal documents to business documents, and from general themes to specialised subjects – all of my clients have been completely satisfied with the end result.

If you have a translation or proofreading requirement of your own, even if it’s just one page – contact me to get started!

luxury icon French to English: Product descriptions for a luxury jewellery company – 15208 words

paint-board-and-brush French to English: Article about Frida Kahlo for an American art exhibition – 634 words

French to English: Tourism-related blog posts for a luxury hotel in Switzerland – 1696 words

French to English: Blog posts about LinkedIn and smart speakers for a digital marketing agency – 2571 words

Spanish to English: Compliance assessments and ICAAP/ILAAP reports for Spanish banks – 94000+ words

French to English: Website plan and press releases for a cloud conference – 2201 words

French to English: Proofreading a tender proposal for a European IT company – 1377 words

French to English: A startup guide for a bug bounty website – 5396 words

film icon French to English: Proofreading a press release for a Swiss film festival – 633 words

French to English: Blog posts and news articles on cloud storage for two different IT companies: 5026 words

French to English: Translating and proofreading employee training materials for an IT company – 18000+ words

French to English: Blog posts for an office space and meeting room hire company – 26000+ words

 Spanish to English: Company by-laws for a financial institution – 25645 words

French to English: Proofreading a website for a recruitment consultancy firm – 951 words

luxury iconFrench to English: Proofreading the website of a luxury jewellery company – 5903 words

financial iconSpanish to English: Customer testimonials for a financial consulting firm – 2318 words

history iconFrench to English: Proofreading the website of a medieval castle – 6592 words

film iconFrench to English: Press release for a film institution – 617 words

French to English: Speech for a corporate awards ceremony – 898 words

Spanish to English: Recovery plans for various Spanish banks – 48000 words

French to English: Company magazine for a dairy company – 5989 words

businessSpanish to English: Statement preparation guidelines for a Spanish bank – 7036 words

French to English: Environmental policy and confidentiality procedure for a certification body – 2248 words

tv screen27French to English: Translation of a transcript for a corporate video – 294 words

French to English: Corporate presentation/group overview for an insurance broker – 717 words

folding-mapHealth and safety brochure on road and workplace safety for an oil company – 261 words

French to English: Marketing material for a company selling boat sails and sunshades – 3393 words

retail iconFrench to English: Marketing presentation for an oyster producing company – 559 words

businessSpanish to English: Financial statements and accompanying notes for an energy company – 16650 words

Spanish to English: Health and Safety, Environmental and Drugs Policy for a logistics company – 1670 words

French to English: Brochure on renewable and non-renewable energy sources for a French Departmental Council – 7700 words

English: Proofreading a brochure and website for a HR training company – 10845 words

French to English: Shareholder’s agreement and investment agreement for an engineering company – 25820 words

French to English: HR presentation on management principles for a pharmaceutical company – 4823 words

French to English: Monthly meeting agendas for a financial consulting company – 20000+ words

French to English: Proofreading accreditation guidelines and the application of ISO standards for an accreditation body – 80000+ words

folding-mapFrench to English: Safety and security booklet for an energy company – 459 words

French to English: Operational reviews and community project updates for a mining company – 2277 words

businessSpanish to English: Financial statements and auditor’s report for a Paraguayan NGO – 1086 words

businessSpanish to English: Financial statements and accompanying auditor’s report for a pharmaceutical company – 10424 words

French to English: Winter activity guide for a tourist office in the Pyrenees – 8296 words

French to English: Proofreading an operational review for a mining company – 4766 words

French to English: E-catalogue of products for a shed and garage manufacturer – 2060 words

tv screen27

French to English: Translation and proofreading of a presentation and webpages for a TV company – 2047 words

French to English: Tender proposal for a city dressing company to be delivered to UEFA – 6798 words

Spanish to English: Terms and conditions for an invitation to tender for a Chilean water company – 4734 words

Spanish to English: Settlement Agreement – 1089 words

French to English: Account application for a company partnership – 601 words

French to English: Two articles about World War I pipers – 524 words

French to English: Web pages for a camping guide website – 12841 words

I also translate lots of…

Company newsletters, internal magazines and press releases…

Marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce judgements, certificates of good conduct…

Diplomas, degrees, grade transcripts, dissertation abstracts…

Letters, e-mails, CVs and resumes…

…You get the idea! Check out my services for more information, or feel free to contact me with any questions or for a free quote.