3R Consultants

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3R consultants is a training company based in Paris, who I collaborate with on writing marketing content in French and English.

“3R Consultants’ training solutions are adapted to your company’s values, to your management and leadership style, to your communication, history and culture. Each and every project is unique, which is why we provide you with tailor-made learning solutions.

3R Consultants is established in several countries throughout the world, therefore enabling the company to offer valuable intercultural training methods. Our training solutions can be organised in the language of your choice.

We position ourselves as your partner for state-of-the-art Learning & Development solutions and HR Consulting. We work closely with your Learning & Development and Leadership teams to help you control your budget and gain better value from your investment in training and coaching. We can work with you at various levels of programme design, from lightly tailored content or delivery through to fully customised learning solutions.

3R Consultants’ DNA: Sustainable Action learning through innovative Learning & Development solutions to implement both organisational and behavioural changes and embed lasting performance.”

For more information: www.3rconsultants.eu or contact@3rconsultants.eu