My appearance on Translators on Air (and a press interview!)


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I had some fun translation projects and events lined up for this month.

So Wednesday 26th October was a very exciting day for me, as I had not one, but two media appearances!

Well. Kind of.

Firstly, I had a nice surprise as my partner sent me this photo from a magazine he had picked up at work:


Turns out the interview I did with writer Jemima Laing had been published in the November issue of Plymouth Magazine. In the article, I talk about why I love translating, how I manage a business in Plymouth and how I don’t see automatic translation sites as a threat to translation businesses. You can read the full article here (or, if you fancy a challenge, try and squint and read the text in the photo above!).

So, I was already buzzing as I prepared for my appearance on Translators on Air, a live online talk show for translators and interpreters, hosted by translators extraordinaire, Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova. I had been invited onto the show back in August, and my immediate thought was “That sounds terrifying – but I really want to do it anyway!”

Our topic of conversation was “being a project manager vs being a freelance translator”, and I was going to talk about my experiences of working in a training agency and how this has helped me as I made the transition to freelance translator. The idea for this topic stemmed from a blog post I wrote last year: 5 things freelancers should know about agencies (from someone who’s worked in both).

I had never appeared on a video like this before, let alone live, and I was so nervous – I felt torn, as I wanted to prepare perfect answers to my questions in case my mind went completely blank, but also knew that it wouldn’t look good to keep consulting notes all the time. What’s more, I had been struck down with the dreaded common cold, so I was frantically trying to stave it off in the days leading up to it with gallons of water, lemon and honey, and gross-tasting Beechams Hot Blackcurrant.

My recovery efforts may have been in vain, but I still lasted the whole hour (and ten minutes more!) having a lovely chat with Dmitry and Elena. The nerves quickly wore off as I was made to feel totally at ease by them, as well as the people watching live. People chipped in with some great questions, and I think we had a really interesting and lively discussion!

You can watch our chat below. Or, if you’re pushed for time, below are some of the things we talked about:

– How I ended up working as a project manager at a training company (4:07)
– How (and why) I made the switch to becoming a freelance translator (10:01)
– How my previous experience has helped me to establish (and maintain) relationships with my current translation clients (23:05)
– The main lessons I learnt while working as a project manager (35:05)
– Some “dos and don’ts” you can follow to make project managers love you! (51:48)

(See if you can pinpoint the moment where my mind went blank – oh, and where my internet connection died too! LOL)

So, despite my less-than-stellar presentation skills and immune system, I still feel really encouraged and buoyed up having done these two things, and I hope to get involved in more similar things in the future.

Until then, though – it’s back to translating!

By the way, if you’re a translator or interpreter and would like to be a guest on Translators on Air – or perhaps you know someone who would make a great guest – you can submit your suggestion here.

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