“La rentrée” – Checking up on my business goals…


Going ‘back to school’ in September is a bigger deal in France than in the UK. They call it la rentrée, and not only does it mark a new year of school for children, but it is also a perfect opportunity for adults to start new projects, make plans, and basically treat it like a second ‘New Year.’

As luck would have it, September also marks 6 months since I wrote my own business-related ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, which I wrote in March rather than January because it marked a full year since I set up my translation business. Are you still with me??

Well, I thought that la rentrée would be the perfect opportunity to see how I’m getting on with those goals I set for myself. If you haven’t read my previous post, my resolutions were to:

  1. “Give back” to my local business community.
  2. Keep building on my skills.
  3. Work with a direct client.

And although these goals will be ongoing and won’t stop at the end of the year, I do believe I’ve made some headway – which is a relief, because otherwise this would have been a really awkward post.

  1. Giving back to my local business community

My initial idea with this goal was to give talks locally, as I live in quite a touristy area, to encourage people to think about translation services and clear up some of the most common misconceptions. Unfortunately, one thing stood in my way…

I hate public speaking. It terrifies me to stand up in front of a crowd, especially when I’m trying to teach that crowd something new!

So, while I gear up for that and get over my stage fright, I have instead “given back” in a different way: Firstly, by writing a guest post for Nikki Graham’s blog about my Master’s Degree in Translation Studies at Cardiff University. I realised while writing it how beneficial my course had been to my career, so I hope it helps others who are also thinking of doing a Master’s degree.

Secondly, on 26th October I will be appearing on the brand new ‘talk show’ Translators on Air, where I will be talking about what it was like being on ‘the other side’ when I worked in a training agency liaising between freelancers and end clients, and the lessons that I have taken from this experience.

Finally, I have been featured in my local news magazine, WO in Plymouth, talking all things translation. Big thanks to Jemima Laing for interviewing me and turning my ramblings into something coherent!


Huzzah, local news fame! Click here to read the full article.

  1. Keep building my skills

By “skills” I meant both my translation skills and my specialist subjects, but I especially wanted to learn more about finance and economics. I have recently taken an online finance course, and I’m looking into whether there are any more in-depth courses running locally. I’m also very much looking forward to attending the ITI Conference in Cardiff next year, where I hope to learn a few new things, and finally meet some more fellow translators!

  1. Work with a direct client

Since March I have worked with a direct client – proofreading 3R Consultants’ marketing material as they revamped their website and brochure. I’d still like to work with direct clients on translation projects, though – and it seems that my most successful method has been through word of mouth, rather than social media.

So, if I continue to work on goals 1 and 2, hopefully goal number 3 will present itself more frequently. In the meantime, I am still very much enjoying working with all of my clients, and above all, I still love my job!

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